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My Approach

My Philosophy

As a lifelong learner, I have come to understand the impact that physical, mental, and spiritual stress plays on the body.  These three aspects of life must be nurtured in unison, rather than compartmentalized.  When we recognize unity of the body, mind, and soul it is much easier to listen to clues our bodies give us when a tune-up or repair is at hand.  Movement plays a vital role in the flow of body-mind connection.  Occupying this mind shift, activates the body to move mindfulness in body mechanics, within stuck thinking, from focusing too much on problems, rather than solutions, and to embody authenticity about what we believe and our boundaries. 


When I work on clients, I have my own special dance.  As I connect with the energy of the person on my table, I am also aware of my own movements.  My intention during session is flowing, not forcing.  For example, when doing deep tissue, I use the weight of my entire body to speed up the flow of healing facilitation.  If there is a block somewhere, it may not always be a stubborn muscle issue.  If I force it, I only increase pain.  So I then retreat from force, and focus on relaxation.  When the body is relaxed, the mind can relax, and activate healing from within.  It really works- this whole flow thing!

Key phrases I write and say often are 'body-mind disconnect' and 'flow.'  Flow state is the middle ground where the body is tamed with discipline and the mind surrenders to passion.  Most of us have experienced flow state at least once, but most likely several times throughout our lives.  When the mind is allowed to pursue passion and trust in the disciplined body to take it where it needs to go, the result is effortless zeal within one's work all nicely packaged with one's unique voice.  Many attribute flow state to geniuses, but we are all capable of achieving it.  This is a matter for the healer within to rise above the mind chatter and body aches and tap into it.  I am here to facilitate healing. 

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