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Finding My Flow with Massage Therapy

In 2002, I was 22 with three children and facing the reality of divorce. With a high school diploma and a few part time jobs in which to decorate a resume with, I was unsure of how I was going to survive raising three small children and be the sole breadwinner, as well. 2002 was also the year I first experienced my first TN shock. TN is short for trigeminal neuralgia, an extremely painful neurological disorder in which the nervous system misfires. Sufferers endure excruciating electrical shocks, the feeling like the skin is on fire, and the sensation of an ice pick continuously stabbing the affected area, which can be one or both sides of the face! And these descriptions are just my personal experience with the disorder! The list of triggers seems to be never ending, but include anything that causes sensation to the face- I mean anything! TN has it's own free will, so intensity and frequency is pretty much at it's discretion. Many in the medical community consider TN the most painful affliction.

This was taken a few years after I received my massage license.

While experiencing the physical shocks, the emotional shocks of the avalanche before me were soul crushing, and I wasn't even dying! I needed a plan of action quickly! I decided it would be a good idea to find a trade, upon completion work in that field, while also putting myself through college, so I could better support my family. I chose massage therapy simply because I've always loved receiving massages, but was never able to afford a professional one. I thought schooling wouldn't take too long to get through and then I could work doing something that helped others and find a way to incorporate massage into my personal life. I felt I had a good plan of action, but it didn't go exactly how I had planned. Since I was sick and 2000 miles away from family, I moved back to Texas where my parents would be able to support me as a single, sick mom. As soon as I arrived in Houston, I toured three massage schools and eventually chose Phil Carker's Healthmaster's School of Massage. The place was beautiful! Phil was empathetic to my situation and hired me on the spot to work in his school while waiting for the new semester to start. So I became familiar with the world of massage without even receiving a professional one! The vibe was fresh and something my soul called to. Day to day has always been a unique challenge for me since 2002, since I never really know what's coming my way. When one is in TN pain, it is difficult to talk, so working itself has been a disability for me. And as previously mentioned, anything that causes sensation to the face is a trigger. So walking, bending, showering, applying make-up, windy days, sneezes, hiccups, coughs, eye twitches- you get the idea, were all hinderances to my ability to provide for my children. It's been quite the journey for me! All three of my children are almost grown with my son turning 21 in two weeks and living on his own, my oldest daughter is 19 and in college working part time and still at home, and my youngest is soon turning 17. Oh yeah, I also was their teacher. Yep, I homeschooled all three their whole childhoods!

Christmas 2018 with my beautiful children!

Well after massage school I did attend American Military University and pursued an English degree for three years. I eventually dropped out once I was honest with myself about having too much on my plate. So I hung up my degree aspirations, but my first love, writing, has only increased, especially as I began to realize that what I say heals people just as well as massage therapy can. As I have walked a long road learning about self empowerment, it is my goal as a writer and massage therapist to show my brothers and sisters that it is all within your reach too right now. Much love! #inmyflow #inyourflow #massagetherapy #kandichampion #letsflow

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