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Lesson #1Relaxation

Most clients I see do not know how to relax. They expect me to relax them in the same way they expect alcohol, medication, and even other people to help them feel better. While these things can be useful, they are what I consider third parties, and the point of self care is cultivating care of the self by the self. If you can find a way to accomplish this, you have utilized your own inner being to unlock a whole new level of experiencing life. I have been practicing meditation for almost 5 years now. While I may not be considered a guru, I have definitely discovered something very special that does not seem to be shared among the handful of practiced meditation guides. It is my hope to impart this specialness through this course and inspire you to relax, let go, and let your own inner coach lead the way. So let's get in flow...

When you close your eyes just begin to observe the black space behind your eyes. When thoughts come up begin practicing letting them go like noticing leaves floating in a river, instead of following the thought and creating internal dialog about it.

It’s best to start with 5-2-8 breath 3 times to activate your vagus nerve. This helps you get into the alpha brainwave state too. Think of the black space as deep, dark waters. You have to teach your mind to be still so you can see what comes out of the waters. I honestly don’t think it will be hard for you at all.

I like guided meditations a lot. But they weren’t helpful to me in the beginning. If colors come up or shapes in the black space just observe. The point is to realize you are observing the thoughts. When you successfully get to three minutes and can practice that once a day, you’ll begin to become aware of your energy levels, very similar to when you feel hunger, like something is off and you need food but without the food. The more time that lapses from when you last meditated, you’ll notice a dip in energy levels and will feel the need to find some replenishment. And if you do this everyday, you’ll discover that the only thing that replenishes is the meditative state, because the only thing that frees the thinking mind is entering a state of just being. The point is peace. Being all over the place is the opposite of the point. In all over the place state, we tend to whirlwind with thoughts, emotions, and actions due to the nature of circumference and circumstance. Being the peace is being centered, the point, rather than noticing and following every thought.

It’s best to listen with headphones. And this is lesson #1 by the way.

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