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Ways to Save

Everything is energy!  There is always a constant state of exchange.  Discounts are never free.  So here is the full disclosure of what you receive and what I receive in exchange:



Become a newsletter subscriber and get dibs on BOGO offered in July and November.   I send out two newsletters a month.  The first of the month newsletter is packed with news, my latest blog article, research, currents events as they apply to self-care, and my upcoming news.  The second mid-month newsletter is much shorter, usually a link or some inspiration I want to share.  

Subscribing to my newsletter means you care about my work.  You want to keep in touch and are willing to get involved and show your support by subscribing and checking in via reading information I feel is important to relay to my clients.  You don't have to read every newsletter, but you know this is the BEST way to stay up to date with my ever changing business and life.  I don't wish to involve myself with spending on ads and continual promotions, which takes up way too much of my precious time and energy.  I love to write, and for those who care, this is the best way to show me love.  






Introducing:  My Massage- an ongoing and as far as I can tell permanent discount of $1 a minute 

60 minute is $60.  90 minute is $90.  120 minute is $120



On the first of every month there will be a link on this page for you to purchase massages at this rate.  Booking availability is for the current month only during my house calls schedule:  Sunday 9am-8pm, Monday 9am-8pm, or Tuesday 9am-2pm.  Purchasing at this rate is ONE DAY ONLY- 1st of the Month

These purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE.  So please insure you are able to keep the appointment.  You may give it to someone else, if something comes up on the day of your appointment; however they will need to keep the time and date set.  I will travel to another location, so long as it is within 30 miles of 77662 and the massage takes place on the bottom floor only.

This may be booked ONLINE ONLY.

I know so many have issues with feeling like they can't afford a massage, especially with our current world situation, and I want to help as much as I can, so I need you to be proactive and take some load off of me as well.  So by booking yourself and keeping your appointment, that says, yes, I want a discount, am willing to meet the requirements of receiving a discount, and I am willing to plan self-care, because my intention is health focused.  There is no text, call, or email tag.  You pick the day that works best for you and make your purchase online.  That is a HUGE savings for me, and I am definitely willing to give a huge savings for a huge savings in return.


By continuing onto my booking site, you acknowledge that this is a NON-REFUNDABLE promotion and should you not be able to keep your appointment on the scheduled day and time, you willingly forfeit monies paid, or will give the massage purchased to someone else who is able to keep the day and time scheduled at a location where the session takes place on the main floor without having to go up a flight of stairs and is within a 30 mile radius of zip code 77662.




3 consecutive days of massage therapy will increase your productivity, creativity, and ability to respond better to stress. Invest in filling your cup and then serve from the overflow. Try the 3 day RESET, exclusively priced for those ready to do something drastic. 3 x 60 minute sessions- $180 3 x 90 minute sessions- $270

If you haven't invested in YOU, NOW is the time. 































October 1-December 31 💠 15% off Maintenance (Deep Tissue) Intention 






November 27- BLACK FRIDAY 💠 Half off gift certificates- Buy a $100 gift certificate for $50




November 30- CYBER MONDAY 💠 BOGO Buy one massage, get one free

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