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Massage and the Power of Two

Where is my mind? You might have heard of this catchy tune by the Pixies, and surely you've asked yourself that question many times. Thoughts are racing... So much to do... so much to fix... so many things that might happen, and which action is best for me? You turn on the news. You call a friend. You open up social media. Everywhere your racing thoughts are reflected through every voice you hear. So how do we pause?


Silence isn't hard. We all do it, although we may not always observe that we are being still. Have you ever stared so intently at an inanimate object or focused so intently on a thought, you noticed an object within eyesight moving, almost as if it were breathing? And then immediately, we 'come to' and decided we let our mind get away with us, so it's back to business or boredom, as usual. Well, your mind didn't get away. It became still, and for a moment you were able to witness the true structure of reality. It's movement. Reality is always moving and change is the only constant. For a second you observed the energy behind the forms. Our eyes are so well trained in the third dimensional sight, that we've become extremely faithful to what our eyes see. So when something seems off, we quickly create a logical story of why and what the anomaly is, like Deja Vu, someone saying something you were just thinking about, or thinking of someone and they call or text.

Physical stillness is not the same as mental stillness. Many think sleep is the way to recharge and practice stillness, but if you struggle with insomnia or have difficulty keeping a consistent fully recharging sleep habit, to include needing caffeine first thing in the morning, then that is an indicator your mind has been working in overdrive.

Two Minds

Your mind has a subconscious aspect and a conscious aspect. There is much more to this, but to simplify, the subconscious, which some people mistake as unconscious, is the part of your mind that runs the body's automated processes. It is the part of the mind we don't have a waking access to. It is receptive and takes in whatever the conscious mind willingly and believingly emotes and focuses its attention and senses on. It is the dreamcatcher. It's language is symbolism, so whatever activities and thoughts we engage in feelingly and on a repetitive basis is basically stored in this part of the mind. The conscious mind is the waking part of your mind that interacts with others and takes action. It impresses the receptive part of the mind with what it believes to be true or not true about concepts it willingly efforts thought to.

When we have difficulty changing a habit or altering our lifestyle in some way, it is because there are deeply rooted beliefs stored in the subconscious, or hidden, part of the mind. Often, we give up, thinking that is just not how we are made. Saying one thing, but doing the opposite is reflective of this double-mindedness. When our bodies have worn down, feel exhausted, experience chronic pain or consistent injury, this is also an indicator of double-mindedness. The body is always telling you where your mind is, if you dare to listen. When we take a pill to reduce symptoms, the reason why it works or doesn't work is more complex than chemical reactions. There are chemical reactions taking place all the time within the body, and these too, are controlled by the subconscious aspect of the mind. If the chemical reactions and mental processing are not receptive to the atomic structure of an ingested pill, decrease in symptoms or total removal of them will not take place. How we use our senses and the emotions we regularly emote are the life giving activators of chemical reactions that take place within the body. It is how intense anger can initiate a heart attack or prolonged bitterness can cause arthritis. Most people see physical symptoms as signs of age or physical activity, but the truth is, physical symptoms are a result of mental activity. When you focus intently on something that aggravates, it is no wonder a headache emerges. When we achieve something great in our lives, it is not a result of great effort, but of great thought. No one can achieve success if he doesn't even first believe in himself to.

Hypnosis is a tool used to hack into the subconscious mind and rewire the mind's mental processing to either subvert a deeply rooted negative habit or implant a stronger positive habit.

Brain Waves

Sinha Clinic says, "Brainwaves are electrical impulses in the brain. An individual’s behavior, emotions, and thoughts are communicated between neurons within our brains. All brainwaves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. Our brainwaves occur at various frequencies. Some are fast and some are slow. The classic names of these EEG bands are delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma. They are measured in cycles per second or hertz (Hz)."

Here's a short breakdown of brain waves

Beta waves are the normal electrical activity of the brain when conscious and alert. It produces the ability to concentrate. When we focus for too long or too often without giving the mind a rest, the body will often go into fight or flight. When you are concentrating on a project for a while and someone interrupts your concentration and instead of responding, you react, this is an indicator of staying in beta too long. It is also the reason why some problems seem to take a lot longer to solve, because the conscious mind is no longer receptive to creative solutions, but rather fixing an issue in a certain way, despite all indicators that that method is not working. Spending too much time in beta opens up the potential to experience disease and aging. Ever notice how calm people don't get sick often or how some elderly have a 'youthfulness about them'? In beta, much like beta testing, the conditions are potent to moods and reactions. The mind and body cannot respond when it is being inundated with information 24/7. In order to breathe and really take in all the information, we have to spend time unloading that information.

Fortunately, when we are relaxing for the day we are able to put aside the day's stresses, as we now enter into an alpha state. Unfortunately, what you take in on this state, especially when going into deeper brain wave states is being placed into the subconscious mind. So if you are watching tv and then go to bed shortly afterward, your tv is literally your thought visualizer. Your brain takes all the symbols and any scenes you emoted towards and stores them while you sleep for later use. So hopefully, you are beginning to see how breaking habits, changing lifestyle patterns, and altering cognitive processes lays solely upon the shoulders of the conscious part of your mind. Making better personal choices involves your conscious decision to do more of what makes you feel good, rather than what makes you feel bad. Does it really make you feel good to watch violence? And if you think history is important to know or it is good to be informed, does it matter that those symbols and stories are being stored in the part of your mind you cannot consciously contact, and those symbols and stories are the actual weights that keep you from living life more fully alive and aware? If you consciously believe there is a problem to fix, your subconscious mind will go to the ends of the Earth looking for a solution. You will be the perpetual fixer.

How Massage Can Help

Whatever your need is, receiving a massage can help you into alpha or theta wave states, where your mind feels ease and your body will naturally reflect this state of mind. The key is in receiving. If you go into a massage expecting Donna's massage, when you are receiving Dana's massage, you will be greatly disappointed. If; however, you go into a massage therapy session, with the intent to recalibrate your nervous system, ease low back pain, or destress, you will receive just that. The ability of the therapist, lies solely on your true expectations for the session. Whether you declare it or not, you will receive what you are truly expecting. Reading reviews, skimming websites, looking for the cheapest in town, finding a place where you can schedule day of, rest assured your intention will be matched. It works like this: If you woke up with a crick in your neck and your main intention is to remove the pain, you will find someone available to resolve the issue quickly, especially if you spent time resting. If you waking up like that doubting anyone can help you, you will spend time and money on someone who will not be able to quickly resolve the issue. Spending too much time in beta state, when your body is already in a vulnerable state, removes the body's ability to repair, especially if another person's touch is not familiar or not exactly how we were expecting it to feel. Staying focused on a specific intention is what contracts or relaxes the muscles. Your mind is always controlling your nervous system, and your nervous system is always sending out those electrical impulses to all the body's systems.

What sets me a part, is that I will tell you I don't fix you. I show you how to relax your own mind with deep breathing and focused thought. Your brain cannot differentiate between a real and imagined experience, so I already know if you are in beta or alpha. When your shoulders don't respond too much to touch, I know you are thinking about something, whether stress related or focused so intently on what I am doing that you cannot relax, I know it is time to guide you to refocus your attention on how you want the muscle to feel in your mind. It's all about harmony. Harmonizing your thoughts, so that your body will respond in like, and when you feel good, that is the vibe you give off. Let's refocus and invite more harmony in. Let's not be double-minded, but learn to renew the mind daily, so that when the two parts of the mind are acting as a cohesive unit, we feel empowered and unstoppable. All things are possible, and I have found this to be a real experience in my own life, and my greatest gift is showing others through healing words and touch how they can have this for themselves!

Much love!

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