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4 Cost Effect Ways to Revitalize

To revitalize is to give new life or vigor to. Successful people know how to manage energy. We achieve a successful state when we set a goal and accomplish it. Some people are able to feel success in all areas of life, others in a few, while many simply struggle to make the necessary changes to give new life to what it means to live, period.

I have been one of the latter ones, feeling like I am barely making it. I would make some positive steps forward and was quickly pushed backward. But I set my eyes on the prize, the end, and kept going, only to be met with an entire world now facing some eerily parallel struggles to what I had already been personally experiencing. And you know what I've learned? Circumstance does not make you happy, nor does it give you peace of mind. No matter the cost of success, the satisfaction it brings is not lasting. In the end, only peace of mind in itself is what brings peace of mind.

I have learned through all my successes and hardships, that managing my own personal energy is the key to giving new life and vigor to every day I am blessed to be on Earth. Here, in no particular order, are 4 cost effective ways to revitalize:

1. Writing

Journaling is an effective way to release emotions. Reacting to circumstances is your body's conditioned response, via fight or flight. If this is a common behavior, it means the mind has trained the body to believe most circumstances are dangerous and merit turning on fight or flight. The problem with this is that the mind is unable to process an emotional trigger; therefore, the chemical imprint of the emotion is embedded within the DNA and remains until it is processed out of the body.

Writing about uncomfortable experiences can help us process emotional reactions and visually see where we can make necessary changes so the next time we feel triggered, we can begin to just feel the emotion without reacting, which is hard to do, if your mind has not been trained to do so. In the practice of feeling without reacting, we are allowing the emotion it's release but not holding it in, by letting it go.

Writing down daily, weekly, and monthly goals is one of the most cost effective things successful people do. Goal planning is akin to breakfast- it's a great start! It allows you to see where you want to go and when speed bumps come, you have your vision in sight. Seeing the vision with the written word can help you minimize distractions, setbacks, and financial errors!

2. Good Sleeping Habits

Feeling good each day starts with a good night's sleep, and that actually starts the day before! The subconscious mind plays a grand role in your life. Never underestimate its power! Everything we consume, from foods to news, social media, conversations, billboards, and the like are all suggestions continually being offered to us. What we take in and accept as fact, over and over again, begins a habituation process in the part of our mind we don't think we have access to. When we want to make positive changes, sometimes it can be very difficult to make those changes, because the subconscious mind has been conditioned to prevent you from making a quick conscious change for the positive, if a previous and strongly held belief is still intact.

So all that we consume plays a vital role in our vital being. If the food is heavy, we will feel heavy. If it is light, we will feel light. Having a regular sleep cycle is important to overall mental and physical energy supplies. So recharging fully with mindful consideration of what we consume each day, along with sleeping environment, and the amount of time we have to sleep all play a factor in the outcome for tomorrow's success. Skimping out on fully getting a good night's sleep, can be very expensive in the long run on one's physical vitality and mental well being.

3. Being Present

Showing up every day in service to others, starting with the members of your household, is not a difficult task with a cup that is full. However, if you are accustomed to energy draining foods, social media, television, relationships, circumstances, being here now seems like a fairy tale. Being present is a gift you are giving others, and so you aren't looking to what others can do for you or should do for you, because you know your worth isn't something you demand to receive from others- since you give it to yourself. And if you give yourself to yourself, your cup is full and overflowing, and you have the ability to give yourself to others. This is how you change the vibe in every room!

4. Filling Your Cup

Starting with #1, take an assessment. Write down needs, goals, and what you can personally do to make that happen. Get a good night's sleep in preparation for tomorrow, then go knock out some goals and meet some needs. Do that everyday and feel good about it. Show up each day as the best version of yourself. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself and move forward. Before you know it, you will find your perception of your circumstances and life has changed dramatically. With a full cup (not plate 😉) you have found the holy grail- that peace of mind comes first and matching circumstances come next, and quite eerily match a vibe you've already been generating.

Much Love!

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