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Now incorporating meditation into my practice...

I made this guided meditation for my clients. It was inspired by Nick and his wife, Lisa. We have been doing live meditations during our massage sessions, since he contacted me a few months ago. In fact, I have been doing it with many of you. I guide your mind where to be momentarily. While, I don't usually guide throughout the entire session, my suggestions encourage your focused attention to a specific visualization or feeling, which allows the tangibility of your muscles relaxing in synch with what you are visualizing.

It is my hope through my practice that I can get everyone who gets on my table to learn to relax their own mind as a daily exercise. Doing so will enhance all third party assistance from western medicine to food diet to mental diet in your aim to enjoy your life experience. 2020 was definitely a year of growth for me, as I began to really step into my purpose. Once I became aware of my own methods of resistance, I began to take a deeper dive into myself. We have the ability to change our current paradigm if we fast from all things that no longer serve, especially the inner conversations by becoming conscious of what we are thinking and accepting from outside suggestions. This is taking yourself off automatic and going into manual. Getting into the habit of this way of being actually helps you to stay present and less reactionary to perceived external causes.

The work does not need to be long, but consistency is the key. I encourage daily practice with short meditations. Feel free to venture off into YouTube land, as there are thousands of great meditations to get you started. But if you are just accustomed to my voice, I definitely encourage use of this video. I do plan to make more, as this is just the beginning for me. The end goal is to embody meditation in a way where you do not need anything external to guide you. In the meantime, I am happy to be a help. 💗

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