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About Me


I have been a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas since 2004.  I received my initial massage therapy education at Phil Carker's Health Master's School of Massage in Houston, Texas.  Since then I have received specialized training in deep tissue, pregnancy massage, reflex therapy, hot stone, neurosomatic, trigger point, assisted stretching, and sports massage modalities.  My loves are working with clients with neck and shoulder issues and trauma, because getting your head on straight is key to getting one's flow unblocked and pregnancy massage, because I think motherhood is the best thing ever!  While learning specific modalities of massage are necessary for growth as a therapist, as a wellness and pain management expert, I also search out creative ways to learn new ideas and how to incorporate those into my practice, as well as, inspire others to change by example.  Training in Thai Massage and Posture analysis are next on my to do list.

Why I Do What I Do

When my clients tell me about the pain they experience I understand the grief it causes.  I love to help people and chose massage therapy as a means to support my family in a way that also allowed me to utilize my empathetic abilities. Through this, I have found massage therapy to be more therapeutic for me than it is for my clients!  Living for over a decade with what has been medically deemed as 'the most painful' affliction, Trigeminal Neuralgia, has forced me to reconsider how I handle stress.  Using self-care techniques and intention, I have discovered the way out of the pain!  Not only am I free of that dreaded disorder, but I no longer need to manage it with medicine or supplements.  I intend to teach others how I arrived here today and inspire them to cultivate their own unique path to health.  Learning to change reactions to stress is a challenge but imperative to  wellness, and massage therapy is a great self-care resource. 

About Me

Besides massage therapy, my world has revolved around homeschooling my three children.  They have been homeschooled their whole lives!  Two of my children are now graduated, but I am still doing my thing as a devoted homeschool mom.  Homeschooling is a lifestyle and an adventure the four of us have lived for 21 years.  As a veteran homeschool mom, this chapter of my life is coming to a close- a bittersweet time for me! There are plenty of dull moments, but these provide opportunities to hone each of our skills and talents.  When I am not busy with work or homeschool, I love to pretend to have a green thumb.  I also greatly enjoy reading.  I am currently reading:  Your Faith is Your Fortune by Neville Goddard.  

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