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A Day in the Life of Kandi Champion, LMT

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A Day in the Life of Kandi Champion, LMT

Humor 🤡 Drama 🎢 Suspense 😱

I have quite a few humorous experiences racked up from working in a chain spa for almost a decade.  Many LMTs tend to criticize them as the Wal-Mart of massage, but this is where I learned to expand my awareness as a facilitator of health, connection with others, the value of learning to sell myself, and to scrutinize my money mindset.  I had never done a couples massage until I began working for Massage Envy.  This is where I really began to conceptualize energy work, or where I began to experience energy as something that is multidimensional.  I wasn't taught, nor was I learned in energy work, energy medicine, or any other healing modality that concentrates on moving energy.  In fact, while the massage school content was centralized around scientific facts of the body and physiological processes, sprinkled with an introduction to meditation and Tai Chi, the well learned therapists seemed to embody an eccentric and foreign way of being, something so far removed from what people of science might look like. I honestly thought they were straight up weird, and when I was introduced to meditation, I was so uncomfortable in the class, I silently prayed to God, because I thought what they were doing was bordering the lines of demonic!  It's funny to think how I even ended up in the world of massage and homeopathic care, but now that I am simply not the same person who enrolled in Phil Carker's School of Massage in Houston, Texas back in 2002 is quite remarkable.  That former self felt inadequate and was sickly.  Today, I have more confidence than I could have imagined back then, but more importantly I am more in tune with my body- something that didn't even exist then.  

In couples massage, there are four people involved.  That's four minds and four, basically books of experiences coming together in a small room.  Even though there is usually no talking, as the focus is on relaxation, if the mind is working silently, you will experience it.  During one particular session, by then of which I had become accustomed to working with other therapists to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation, I actually played in the brain wave state known as Theta.  I didn't even know it was a thing then, nor did I realize until many years later what was actually taking place.

You see, the four of us were so relaxed and in flow, you could actually feel the air of the room shift.  It was like the sandman had entered and we could feel his sprinkling of sand onto our skin and merging into our pores.  The air of the room was that thick, but it was more so like a soft cloud than sand.  We pretty much stayed in sync like this until the last few minutes of the session.  At that time, I had perfected a routine and applied this to everyone.  I was working my client's scalp, sitting on a stool as I worked his relaxed head and neck.  Unbeknownst to me, he had entered Theta state, the state of consciousness we experience as we are drifting off to sleep.  I did too!

How do I know?  Because at some point, and this all happened very, very quickly, my head bobbed down as my body was responding to my mind drifting to sleep.  As quickly as it bobbed down, because I was sitting up on a stool, it bounced upward.  And as it bounced upward, I FELL OFF THAT STOOL!  And I jerked his head in this process.  As quickly as that all took place, my wheeled stool slid a few inches, I managed to keep my hands on his scalp, place my body back on the stool with the strength of my legs, scoot the stool forward to a comfortable position, and resume his scalp massage.  Yes, folks, this really happened!  I fell asleep during a couples massage and fell off my chair!  I lost my mind momentarily and became entranced in the very state that I had routinely applied to my clients.  

That was then.  A funny story on my way to becoming present.  I have since learned the key to every successful interaction is presence.  What are you bringing to the room?  Why are you bringing that vibe to the room? And how can I prepare myself every day and commit myself every moment to be present and cognizant of my own presence, or what vibe I am bringing to the room?

I create healing experiences with massage therapy.  I equip you by teaching you how the body works and what you can do off a massage table to make massage therapy or any other intentional activity designed to improve your physical or mental health more effective and results oriented.  

Much love!




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