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Cream- The Froth of Love

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Although these sentiments are popular and duly noted by the Wu-Tang Clan:

Cash, Rules, Everything, Around, Me

C.R.E.A.M. Get the money Dollar, dollar bill y'all,

we tend to sidestep the true application of money, and when life gets topsy-turvy, we look for people and circumstances to blame for our lack of it. When we strip money down to it's last molecule, we find that money doesn't actually exist.

What exists is paper (wood) in the shape of a rectangle, and we call it a dollar, copper in the form of a circle that we call a penny, plastic in the form of another rectangle that we call a credit card, and a digital imprint on a screen that we call a number. Does anyone even know what the material of texts and numbers on the screen are made of? And why does it matter, because when you get to the root of the existence of this concept that makes the world go round, it is essentially an arrangement of molecules, at least the form is, the concept, money, doesn't actually exist. Joseph Murphy says, "It would be foolish to pronounce uranium, silver, lead, copper, iron, cobalt, nickel, calcium, and a dollar bill evil. How absurd, grotesque, and stupid that is! The only difference between one metal and another is the number and rate of motions of electrons, revolving around a central nucleus. A piece of paper such as a hundred dollar bill is innocuous. The only difference between it and copper or lead is that the atoms and molecules, with their electrons and protons, are arranged differently for the physical evidences of money." Joseph Murphy

We tend to compartmentalize our wants and needs, not realizing they make up the sum of our humanity. We need to spend time with our loved ones, we need to spend time on ourselves, we need money to pay bills, we need money to afford self-care and indulgences, and often we spend much more on indulgences, both time and money because it seems to be the most convenient... in the moment. There's nothing wrong with indulgence of time and money. There's nothing wrong with leisure or extra. There's nothing wrong with any of it- how you spend, how you earn, how you save, and how you give, until you believe it to be wrong. That is the heart of the matter of money, time, and love- they are the same. They are the energy of your expressions, your beliefs and the culmination of your thoughts formed into a thing- money, time, love- only tangible by the label you give it and where you spend this energy. I can't ignore that I live in the Bible Belt, so most of you have already identified in 1 Timothy 6:10 where Paul says, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows," but Paul is not saying money is evil, he's saying loving the form of what we call money is evil, because the substance that creates this comes from within. If we are loving what is tangible without true love of what is intangible, the energy that expresses it, that is worshiping something that is false. KJV

So if we are working with the sole purpose of making money, then our soul purpose is about form, not substance. And the evidence is always in the attitude. Do you have a morning routine or do you tend to mourn about traffic, weather, boss, co-worker's, and etc? Do you dread going to work? Do you love what you do? Are you proud of the service you provide or the product you sell? Are you present at your job or are you mulling over yesterday's conflicts and/or are you worried about future engagements that may bring some sort of lack or deficit to your life, but in reality haven't yet? Are you just here to get to there? If yes, and I feel it's fair to say we all have done this many times, then please understand you are giving out from a deficit, a debt, an abundance called lack; therefore, that is what is returned. We have to serve from a full cup, one that overflows, because anything less than that is a debt that has proven time and again will eventually call upon us to pay with our health! It's so difficult to know this and take the jump to actually change it. But it is simply amazing how just shifting one thing, like your morning and bedtime routines, creates a momentum in an uplifting direction. When we are mindful of every minute and every penny and have made a decision as to the purpose of that money and time, we have specified how we want our lives to look. That's love, my friends. That's loving yourself enough to design your life, appropriating your energetic expressions, and seeing where a change of perspective is an attitude adjustment. And when we adjust our minds, it's amazing how quickly the rest of it all falls in line with the head of the class. If you don't believe me, well, it works both ways, and surely you can attest to the notion of when it rains, it pours, because it just does, doesn't it?

So when it comes to self-care, start small. Take a personal inventory, or start imagining how you want your life to look like. Find ways to love what you do, whether at home or at work, or find a new home or job. Seriously! The material stuff is extra, like froth atop a cappuccino. So if your froth isn't rich and creamy, maybe change the substance that forms it. When you hire me as your massage therapist, you aren't getting just a massage. It is an experience, as I've been told time and again, that empowers you. It's not a quick fix, but I work with you to alleviate symptoms and help you come up with ways to self-correct the issue, if possible, so you don't have to come back to me ever. My goal is to get you on my table for the pure experience of a blissful massage, rather than paying money and time to get fixed. It's time to reset! I got your back! Much Love!

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