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Rein Your Health- NOW!

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

This year has given you an opportunity to reassess what is important in life and reevaluate the 'why' in why we do so much of what we do. If diet and exercise alone do not make one immune to viruses, besides cleaning to the point of sterility of all germs- good and bad, what on Earth can a person do to prevent disease and death? Because ultimately it does seem to be what the world is afraid of- death! We are all going to die; you can't get around that, but what you can do is examine how you live and do better for yourself. Do you want to go out in fear? When we think in terms of what we are offering and perpetuating in our small circle, which no doubt affects a larger collective, it is easier to take control of your life where you formerly left it to others to control. This flow chart illustrates in words many of the areas of our lives that we would like to solve and bring peace to.

It is challenging to focus on one area, while neglecting all other areas, because as you can see, it's all connected. We can be stronger in some areas, while remaining weak in others, but in order to grow and feel whole in the growth, it is necessary to water all areas regularly. The best way to water all areas together begins with a mindset shift. While massage therapy can help reduce stress, anxiety, and pain, if negative patterns in any of the areas in the flowchart do not change, or increase in mental and physical load, massage therapy cannot help to a sizable degree, much less a large one. The role in healthcare needs a large mind shift, but this can only be done at the individual level. As individuals begin to actively take the lead role in their healthcare, the collective view will change. The prevalent mindset is to lean and look to others for leadership. As a society we do only when told to, and when problems arise, whether financial, physical, and even spiritual, we turn to the advise of others first. Seeking advice and help is always a good thing, but becoming co-dependent on the system creates a system where resources, leaders, and experts are exhausted. They simply cannot do their jobs with a full cup, when they are being looked to for minute matters or matters that are solvable at the individual level. Many a doctor and nurse has told me they will load their patients up with antibiotics, steroid shots, and prescription cold medications, even though using these together are contraindications, and the best way to prevent flu spread and remedy colds is to stay home, is because people simply aren't proactive. They want a band-aid and hand me down solution for every perceived problem.

To begin taking control of your life, my recommendation is to start from the beginning. What is the first thing you did upon your arrival to Earth? You took your first breath. But because it is an automated process, many have never been told or even gave lengthy consideration to how controlling the breath is the beginning of all wisdom. When emotions are heightened, one of the first things we do upon relief is sigh or take a deep breath. Deep breathing lowers heart rate and blood pressure, improves your immune system, relaxes muscles, relieves stress, and increases your energy levels. There is so much more to this!

With so many unsure of what to do right now, my best advice is to learn breathing exercises and do them. A basic breathing pattern to help get centered is inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts. Begin this as a 5 minute exercise in the morning. Focus on the count, and if your mind gets distracted in thought, just center back onto the count.

Each day increase by 5 minutes until you reach 25 minutes. Then do this 25 minute exercise every morning. Once you are accustomed to this routine, begin adding it several times a day. Be sure to focus on the count to stay centered, and should your mind wander off, just refocus on the count. The following video will help you keep your count:

I will continue to bring attention to the breath and share exercises and research in coming months. If you need anything, don't hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, if you are in Southeast Texas and would like to schedule a massage with me, check out how you can get major discounts on massage therapy working with me: In the meantime, please let's get creative in finding ways to reduce stress and take better care of our bodies and minds.

Much love!

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