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State of Emergency: The Top 3 Self-Preserving Acts to Do Now

Monday I posted a House Beautiful article on my Facebook business page, about a Harry Potter themed spa. In light of our current state of affairs, the posting seems ignorant of people's feelings and concerns. I do my best to schedule relevant posts at least two months in advance, so that my online presence may be automated while I take care of operations on the ground floor. It was meant to inspire others to see magic inside of them, and well, magic or magical thinking seems to be the least relevant thing one can do right now. And rightly so!

To be perfectly honest with you all, the way I view everything is quite magical. And I'd like to offer you a unique perspective without using magical thinking or magic words that may actually be a real help to you in this time of great fear.

A state of emergency is a call to action to witness what emerges from the rubble of an event that deconstructs and what one will do to soften potential blows pre-event and what one will do to mitigate damage post-event. The real issue is when dire circumstances are upon us and our loved ones are in it with us, we look out for assistance, hoping for help, only to find our neighbors and countrymen too are spent. In every series of unfortunate events we continually give from a cup that is not overflowing. We give from a deficit. When life returns to its new state of normalcy, and it always does, we are left feeling defeated, depleted, and willing to do everything to get back to how things were before except to consider how we personally, not society, but how the individual got to the point in time where something in the body, mind, and spirit just finally broke. We patch things up, only to have to continue patching them. And life goes on, with it's wins and loses; nevertheless, we find ourselves always having to patch life.

We buy car, home, and life insurance to reassure us that help will be there in times of emergency, and often times we find something in the fine print, only after making a claim, that slows mitigation or denies it altogether. We're always looking to third parties to help us patch life. Where is the help when you need it? And how can you do anything in life without needing or depending on some other resource to accomplish it? I've had to dig deep for this, because life threw many circumstances at me until I came to the point of needing to fill my cup at all costs, knowing that if I don't, what I give is from a deficit; therefore, I will be obliged to pay that debt!

Self-Care is the way. It is insurance that trumps all third party insurances. With self-care, you are able to define your terms and deviate or alter them at any point. With self-care, you are literally living a mathematical equation, the one you design with your desires, priorities, and loved ones written on the declaration page. With self-care, or self insurance, you are able to assure that in times of trouble, you are more than ready to beat the odds and be a real help to others, one who gives from the overflow and not from a deficit.

Self-care are planned activities that recharge you. They are intentional and purposeful. They fill your cup to abundance.

What is your chief definite aim? Write it out. Read it aloud everyday. Maybe several times a day. By doing this you are creating a manifest and programming your subconscious mind.

Even in times of trouble, now is the only time to do this. What do you want in life? Write it down now.

Now that you have established a vision for YOUR kingdom, what personal actions can you do right now that will lead you there? Again, WRITE IT DOWN. In considering what you want, you begin to realize what you don't want, so make sure you discern what and who may prevent you from reaching your chief definite aim.

And then start. If you want an accountability partner, they should be included on your declarations page.

Lastly, be in flow. Life happens. And it often seems circumstances prevent us from our chief definite aim. In determining the proper and improper actions that will reach us to our goal, we have to assume we have the gall to push through the circumstances. And should we decide the chief definite aim is no longer doable, recognize it played a role in getting you to where you truly want to go. Because if you have recognized a the goal is unreachable, it means there is still some higher purpose you lacked clarity to see before, but now is becoming clearer.

Now is the time to rewrite your self-care insurance policy. Updates are always necessary.

Here is something I can guarantee you: If you do this, you will see the results of the intentions you set forth. No third parties needed!

But, if you want a little help and are interested in working with me as your accountability partner, let me help you set up a self-care insurance policy. Schedule your free 30 minute consultation here (Tuesdays only).

In the meantime, if you are having issues with fear, please consider the root of this and seek appropriate authorities if there is a real threat to your livelihood. Upon reaching the root cause, should you find that living a meaningful life by design is light years away, consider altering this reality by ordering your thoughts. Because after all, they just so happen to be our building blocks.

Much Love!

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